Free your wardrobe and have fun
about sobo
SoBo Community is a fashion rental network. Rent fashion pieces from creative individuals, designers and stores, wherever in Norway you are. Join SoBo Community - the city is your closet!

Browse through an ever-updating list of fashion items that you can rent for a fraction of its original price. All items are insured so there is no need to worry
Fashion is so much more than the clothes we wear. It is art. It is history. It is emotion. It is a way of life. When choosing what to wear, we are making decisions on how we feel today, we express how we want to feel today and how we want people to perceive us. It is a way of expressing our personality and show belonging to specific social groups.

SoBo is stepping into the field of the deep meaning of fashion, the importance of fashion in our daily lives and against cheaply produced garments. It is focusing on well designed pieces that survive generations. Pieces that feel good and look good because of fine materials and creative design.

If we all invest in the pieces that we really cherish, we will take the biggest step towards sustainability. We will buy less but the pieces that we buy, we will love more. We will make wiser decisions on what to spend our money on without sacrificing on the fun that fashion is all about.

SoBo is connecting these pieces to people, creating a bigger variety for each and every one of us. It is giving us access to special pieces; Fast fashion in a sustainable manner. We will only keep the items as long as we want to and return them to the owner afterwards.

Imagine, women being able to have access to the biggest variety in fashion items. Not just clothing but designs.

We are connecting the old lady at Frogner with the vintage loving girl at St. Hanshaugen or a special unique designer located in Tøyen to people in the surrounding area. Creating new connections, making wardrobes more individual and telling the stories behind garments. We are giving meaning to fashion, changing habits and making fashion more fun while making it more sustainable.

Free your wardrobe and have fun. Join us and become part of the SoBo community.